UV Blacklight Dye / Paint – Glowing Fluorescent Liquid


Darklight FX Liquid Ultraviolet (UV) Blacklight Dye / Paint. This is a water based concentrated liquid that glows a bright neon color under blacklight! 7 colors available!

Many possible uses: glowing bottles, watercolor UV paint, fabric dyeing, airbrushing, and much more! Sold in concentrated bottles. A helpful instructions & tips sheet is included with every order.

The standard 2/3 oz. concentrated size is ideal for small to medium size projects. The large size is great for multiple projects or larger projects.

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7 Different Colors of Liquid UV Dye Paint Available

  • Alien Green (Yellow green)
  • Electric Blue (Light blue & invisible under regular light!)
  • Blizzard Blue (Deeper blue)
  • Atomic Purple (Blue violet)
  • Fuchsia Fire¬† (Red violet)
  • Fire Red (Bright red)
  • Atomic Orange (Yellow orange)

Additional Blacklight Dye / Paint Product Information

  • UV / Blacklight Reactive Liquid Dye / Paint, glows a bright neon color with a blacklight!
  • Professional grade, glowing effect lasts years!
  • Must be kept out of direct sunlight or fading will occur.
  • As with all arts & crafts products, experimentation may be required to achieve desired results. We recommend smaller test orders before large purchases if you have any question about usage.
  • More detailed information and example uses available below

Example Usages & Tips for UV Dye

Methods and uses listed here are provided as recommended starting points. Be sure to experiement to ensure the product will work for your intended usage. Other methods and uses are possible, feel free to experiment! An instructions and tips sheet will be included with every order.

  • Create Glowing Bottles: Simply add 1 bottle of the concentrated dye to about 1 liter of water in a clear bottle. Often used as bar or party decorations to fill decorative bottles, such as a favorite brand of liquor or an antique glass bottle with a unique design.
  • Painting – Watercolor / Ink Style: Brush or splatter onto white paper for amazing effects! Do not add water. One bottle / color is enough for a number of paintings depending on your usage.
  • Painting – Acrylic Style: This product is a liquid dye, so it must first be mixed with a clear drying acrylic medium such as “acrylic gloss medium” (not included.) Once mixed with the clear acrylic medium, onto a white surface such as a primed canvas. Multiple layers may be required. For easiest painting results we recommend painting in a watercolor style as mentioned above. Do not add water.
  • Fabric Dyeing: We suggest starting with thin, white, absorbent pieces of smaller fabric. We recommend our Alien Green color (the brightest) to start. Add as little water as possible. The blue and purple colors may not be as noticeable on white fabric. Not all usages will work so we recommend testing. Dye may wash out of some fabric.
  • PC Watercooling System Effects: Add 1 bottle of the concentrated dye to about 1 liter of water (depending on your desired effect you may add more water).
  • Other Possible Uses
  • Calligraphy / Lettering with a brush on paper
  • Halloween or Party Costume
  • Holiday and Party Decorations
  • Classroom Experiments & Teaching
  • Blacklight / UV marking & detection
  • Cleanup / Hygiene Demonstration (using our invisible blue color)
  • Spraying, splattering and Airbrushing
  • & Many More!

Further Information on Blacklight UV Paint / Dye

This is professional grade ultraviolet blacklight reactive liquid, guaranteed to have a long life bright glowing effect (tested to keep glowing for years when kept out of sunlight.) The glow mixture is permanent, no need to ever re-mix. The liquid UV dye is not toxic but is not for consumption or internal use of any kind. It can temporarily stain skin (lasts a day or so, or can be scrubbed away with effort) and can stain clothing and some other surfaces. This product is not sold for use on the body.

Under regular light with no blacklight present, Alien Green is yellow-green, Electric Blue is clear / invisible, and the other colors are similar to their glowing color.