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Products > Electronics > 125 FT Eternet Cable
125 FT Ethernet Cable (Cat5e) - Extra Long!
Product # 125-ETHER
Blacklight Dye 7 Color Pack

Cat5e Ethernet cable used to connect devices on a network. Extra long 125 ft cable to reach across houses or to other far away locations. High quality cable with highest rated gold plated connectors. 100% compatible with all ethernet devices.

Color may vary: either white, gray, or black will be shipped.

Price $19.75
Additional Product Information
  • Length: 125 ft.
  • Ethernet Patch Cable CAT 5E
  • Color: Varies (Either White, Gray or Black)
  • Type: Standard Ethernet Patch Cable (Connects a device to internet/network)
  • Strain-relief "boot" (the protective pieces on each end) colors may vary
  • High speed for maximum data transfer over a network


Detailed Specifications

  • 100% Compatible with all ethernet connections and devices.
  • Snag-free strain-relief "boot" allows for easy plug in and removal while adding durability.
  • Highest quality gold plated 50u" rating RJ-45 connectors.
  • Connectors: 1x RJ-45 male -to- 1x RJ-45 male
  • Cable Technical Specs: Cat5e UTP 24AWG cable


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