Custom Length Ethernet Cables (Cat5e) – Extra Long


Cat5e Ethernet cable used to connect devices on a network. Several custom cable lengths are offered, including an ultra long 125 ft cable to reach across houses or other long distances. High quality cable with highest rated gold plated connectors. 100% compatible with all ethernet devices.

Color may vary: either white, gray, or black will be shipped.

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Custom Ethernet Cable / Networking Cable Additional Product Information

Choose from several custom lengths of networking cable. These ethernet cables are used to connect any two devices on a network. Extra long cable lengths are offered in order to reach much longer distances than normally possible. Avoid spotty wireless (Wi-Fi) connections by directly connecting your devices using this ethernet cable.

  • Ethernet Patch Cable CAT 5E
  • Color: Varies (Either White, Gray or Black)
  • Type: Standard Ethernet Patch Cable (Connects a device to internet/network)
  • Strain-relief “boot” (the protective pieces on each end) colors may vary
  • High speed for maximum data transfer over a network

Detailed Specifications for Custom Ethernet Cable

  • 100% Compatible with all ethernet connections and devices.
  • Snag-free strain-relief “boot” allows for easy plug in and removal while adding durability.
  • Highest quality gold plated 50u” rating RJ-45 connectors.
  • Connectors: 1x RJ-45 male -to- 1x RJ-45 male
  • Cable Technical Specs: Cat5e UTP 24AWG cable

Custom Length Ethernet Cable Example Uses

  • Console Link – connect two or more gaming consoles across a house
  • Connect a computer to a network (router, modem)
  • Connect a network to a new access point (expand wireless range or increase network connection slots)
  • Connect a router to a modem, router to a switch, hub, etc.
  • Works with any standard, ethernet (network) device.