Canon PIXMA PRO 100 Refill Ink to Replace CLI-42 (8 x 100 ml)


Designed specifically to match the original Canon CLI-42 inks. High quality refill ink for Canon Pro-100 Printers. 100 ml of each of the 8 colors of ink, for a total of 800 ml. Use this ink to refill your own cartridges and save huge on ink costs!

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Refill Ink for Canon Pro-100 Printers – CLI-42 Refill Ink

All 8 colors! 800ml of total ink (8 x 100ml) for use in the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printers. This Canon Pro-100 refill ink is specifically designed for the PIXMA Pro-100 printers to replace ink used in the CLI-42 ink cartridges. Referred to as bulk, generic, OEM, non-OEM, refill, or replacement ink. We also sell other ink and printer products, such as a full Continuous Ink System (CISS) kit for the Pro-100 with ink included.

Includes 100ml (about 3.5 oz) of each of the 8 colors of refill ink for Pro-100 printers, for a total of 800ml of ink:

100 ml Photo Magenta(CLI-42 PM)
100 ml Magenta (CLI-42 M)
100 ml Yellow (CLI-42 Y)
100 ml Photo Cyan (CLI-42 PC)
100 ml Cyan (CLI-42 C)
100 ml Gray (CLI-42 GY)
100 ml Light Gray (CLI-42 LGY)
100 ml Black (CLI-42 BK)

This Pro-100 Refill Ink Comes With a Unique Bottle Nozzle for Easy Ink Filling!

These ink bottles have a unique design with a cone shaped nozzle under the cap you see in the auction photos. This makes it extra easy to fill a Pro-100 continuous ink system or CLI-42 ink cartridges without needing to use a syringe or make a big mess!

Refill a Continuous Ink System or Empty Cartridges with this Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Refill Ink!

You can use this ink to refill your own Pro-100 CLI-42 cartridges, or you can use it to fill a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) for Pro-100 printers, which we also offer. You can visit our eBay store here! If you plan to refill your own empty cartridges, you will need to ensure they are fully cleaned before adding ink. You may also need a chip resetter, which is not included in this auction. However, if you use the CISS we offer in our other auctions, you do not need to clean any cartridges or buy a chip resetter!

$1000 Worth of Canon Pro-100 Ink at Retail Prices!

This 800ml of Canon Pro-100 refill ink is equal to over 60 standard ink cartridges, which would cost you around $1000 to buy at retail! It also carries the added bonus of never needing to worry about running out of ink cartridges in the middle of a print job.