Invisible Glow in the Dark Paint (Acrylic Professional Grade)


Premium, professional acrylic glow in the dark paint. Produces an extremely long after glow that lasts for hours. Can be charged up from any light source, such as standard interior room lighting, a flashlight, or any other light. Dries clear (invisible) in most circumstances. Many customers have used Darklight FX Glow in the Dark acrylic paint in their art and craft projects with amazing results!



Professional Grade Invisible Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint

This is a professional acrylic paint that features the brightest, longest-lasting, modern glow in the dark pigments. It absorbs any regular light and then glows in the dark!  It glows so bright it is often visibly glowing in regular light as well depending on the circumstances. This is a clear drying, invisible glow in the dark paint, so it can be painted on top of other images and objects for a surprising secret effect once the lights go out!

Many Possible Uses for this Invisible Glow in the Dark Paint!

This paint dries to a clear glossy finish that is invisible in most circumstances. It is only visible after being charged up with light. A common use for this high quality, professional glow in the dark paint is to paint a night sky, galaxy, or stars effect on the ceiling of a bedroom. This Darklight FX glow in the dark paint is special in that it maintains a very long, bright afterglow that is far more impressive than most paints you will see sold in stores!

How Long Does the Invisible Glow in the Dark Paint Glow For?

Under regular lighting in a typical interior room, the afterglow will be visible to the eye for hours after being charged with light! This is a high quality paint that holds a glow charge for a extremely long time (unlike many other glow in the dark paints and products sold in stores). Depending on how long you charge up this invisible glow in the dark paint with light, and how bright of a light you use, generally the paint will glow the brightest for about the first 30 minutes after the lights go off, then will continue visibly glowing for several more hours.

The high quality glow in the dark pigment used is scientifically measured to glow for up to 100 hours more more on a single charge in ideal circumstances! Can be recharged an infinite number of times using any source of regular light. Safe and not hazardous or toxic.

Tips and Instructions for Use:

You can apply multiple layers to increase the effect. This paint can be applied to nearly any surface. Painting onto white or light colored surfaces is ideal, but not required, because it increases the charging and amplifies the glowing effect. The paint dries to a hard, clear, water-resistant finish that is nearly invisible. Thick applications or multiple layers may appear slightly whitish. Before drying, the paint is a white color (or yellow-greenish if it has been charged with light).

For the maximum effect, spray onto a white or light colored surface. Can also be brushed or applied in any other method you would normally apply paint. Apply as a separate top coat, do not mix with other paints or products. For the brightest and longest afterglow charge, you can use a direct, bright light, but the paint works great and holds a long afterglow charge off of regular interior room lighting as well.

Do not ingest. Not sold for use on or in the body. This product is non-toxic and not hazardous, but should not be used by unsupervised children.