Glowing Alien Blood Paint Effect Blacklight UV Predator

Customer Project: Glowing UV Alien Blood Effect with Predator Movie Mask

A while back an extremely talented customer sent in the results of his project using the Darklight FX Liquid Blacklight Reactive Dye / Paint. We thought it was an amazing project with extremely impressive results! Fans of the Aliens and Predator franchises will especially love this.

The Darklight FX liquid blacklight dye was mixed with clear drying acrylic medium (for example “acrylic gloss medium”) in order to give it a thicker consistency and have it stick to the mask. Whenever a blacklight is on nearby, the painted areas glow a bright neon fluorescent green! Check out the photos below!

Photo and Artwork Credit: Christopher Du Bois

The artwork and images are Copyright Christopher Du Bois, shared with permission from the artist. He let us know that if you can find more about him and his work on Facebook. He shared that he does a lot of work with Predator latex masks and costumes and also shared an Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator project he was working on.

The liquid blacklight dye can be purchased in our store. There are 7 colors available. The “Alien Green” color of blacklight dye was used in this project to create the bright yellow-green neon goo effect. We also carry glow in the dark paint which could be another option for a similar project! You can find all of our products on this website in our store, and also find Darklight FX on eBay and Amazon where you can check out our great customer feedback!

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